Leaving the US

Plan your departure ahead of time

Whether you are leaving the US for a new work opportunity, you have decided to move away, or you intend to return to the UK for any other reason, it is important to plan ahead for your next move.

There are several considerations that will require action locally. You'll need to tie up any loose ends with bank accounts, sell property, and should also ensure your health and life insurance plans will remain valid.

If you are returning to the UK, many of the assets that you may hold in an offshore structure, such as a portfolio bond and/or retirement accounts such as QROPS and SIPPs, could create a tax headache with HMRC.

In addition it is very likely that you will have built up US savings/investments and retirement accounts such as 401k’s. All of which will currently be held in USD, however your expenses will now be in GBP causing potential exchange rate issues.

Licensed and regulated in the US, UK, Australia and Europe

We provide specialist advice to British expats and international employees living around the world. Wherever you live in the world, we can provide financial advice, with advisers based in the US, UK, Australia and Europe.

Licensed and regulated in both the UK and the US, our team are perfectly placed to help you plan for your future ahead. Our advisers have wide knowledge of both the UK and US system and are here to help you not only set up and start your life abroad, but also be with you every step of the way.

Wherever life takes you, our team have years of experience in assisting expats make the most of their new residency status.

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